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"Image" in the Music Industry

In hopes of breathing life into a much needed community, allow me to pose this question: Did Video in fact Kill the Radio Star? In other words, does a band or singer's image account for as much as/more than their musical talent? How does this impact the aesthetics of modern music?

There was a time when record labels would sign bands based on talent alone. The thought at that time was that if a band was good enough, enough interest would be made to generate sales of records and merchandise from said band. These days, many record labels have decided that talent is not enough, and that a band's "image" creates as much of a selling point as does the music. My question is whether this focus on image on the part of the music industry has overshadowed the fundamental talent required to make aesthetically pleasing music. Are executives too caught up with image and not focused enough on how their musicians make their music?
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